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Aortic Stenosis


Aortic Stenosis
A Case-Based Clinical Guide

279 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2015
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  • An essential companion to assist cardiologists in diagnosing patients with aortic stenosis and providing novel therapies
  • Presents case by case examples of different patients with a wide variety of aortic stenosis
  • Provides cutting edge and state of the art imaging and interventional techniques
​With the advent of less invasive treatments for aortic stenosis including percutaneous and apical replacement, more patients are being offered this technology. As such, determining the true severity of aortic stenosis is becoming paramount. Many clinical scenarios occur where the area and gradient estimates of severity do not match.

This book will present case by case examples of different patients with a wide variety of aortic stenosis. It will assist cardiologists in identifying patients with true aortic stenosis who may benefit from valve replacement. It will also highlight the role and advent of new technology as the role of CTA, MRI, and 3D echo for diagnosis and TAVR and mini surgery for treatment​. The audience will range from clinical cardiologists, imaging cardiologists and interventionalists alike.

Table of Contents
  • Aortic Stenosis: Making the diagnosis of severity
  • Catheter versus Doppler Assessment
  • The role of flow and pressure recovery
  • Area Gradient Match
  • Area gradient mismatch
  • Errors of measurement
  • Errors of Assumption
  • Low flow low gradient AS Preserved EF
  • Low flow low gradient AS Decreased EF
  • Reverse Area Gradient Mismatch
  • Para valvular stenosis
  • Prosthetic aortic valve
  • Patient prosthesis mismatch
  • The role of AVR
  • The role of Minimal invasive Surgery
  • Imaging for TAVR
  • The Role of TAVR


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