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Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease in Childhood


Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease in Childhood
International Review of Child Neurology

248 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2011

The field of stroke and cerebrovascular disease in children is one in which there has been much recent research activity leading to new clinical perspectives.

This book, for the first ime, summarises the ´state of the art` in this field. A team of eminent clinicians, neurologists and researchers from Britain, Europe and Canada provide an up-to-the-minute account of all aspects of stroke and cerebrovascular disease in children, ranging from a historical perspective to future directions, through epidemiology, the latest neuroimaging techniques, neurodevelopment, co-morbidities, diagnosis and treatment.

The authors practical approach to the clinical problems makes this essential reading for practising clinicians. It will also be of interest to researchers in the field.
  • Synthesises the most recent research findings in one book
  • Gives a practical approach to the clinical problems
  • Broad-ranging coverage by an international team of experts
  • 1. Historical perspective Andrew Williams;
  • 2. Epidemiology Gabrielle de Veber;
  • 3. Development of the cerebral circulation Pierre Lasjaunias;
  • 4. Neuroimaging: clinical aspects Dawn Saunders and Kling Chong;
  • 5. Recent advances in MR imaging Fernando Calamante and Alan Connelly;
  • 6. Arterial Ischaemic stroke: clinical presentation and differential diagnosis:
    • 6.1 Anterior circulation stroke Fenella Kirkham;
    • 6.2 Posterior circulation stroke Bhuwan Garg;
    • 6.3 Overview of aetiology Fenella Kirkham;
    • 6.4 Cerebrovascular disease in children with AIS Vijeya Ganesan;
    • 6.5 Moyamoya Vijeya Ganesan and Brian Neville;
    • 6.6 Dissection Darius Hildebrand;
    • 6.7 Cerebral vasculitis Russell Dale;
    • 6.8 Transient cerebral arteriopathy Guillaume Sebire;
  • 7. Stroke in children with underlying illness:
    • 7.1 Sickle cell disease Fenella Kirkham;
    • 7.2 Cardiac disease Vijeya Ganesan;
  • 8. Risk Factors for Arteriopathy and Stroke:
    • 8.1 Haematological Ulrike Nowak Gottl and Ronald Strater;
    • 8.2 Infection Guillaume Sebire;
    • 8.3 Other risk factors: Fenella Kirkham;
    • 8.4 Diagnostic approach Vijeya Ganesan;
    • 8.5 Acute management Fenella Kirkham
    • 8.6 Recurrence and prophylaxis Vijeya Ganesan;
    • 8.7 Outcome and rehabilitation Anne Gordon, Lucinda Carr and Vijeya Ganesan;
    • 8.8 Cognitive sequelae Faraneh Vargha Khadem;
  • 9. Cerebral venous thrombosis Gabrielle de Veber;
  • 10. Haemorrhagic stroke:
    • 10.1 Epidemiology and clinical presentation Vijeya Ganesan;
    • 10.2 Interventional Neuroradiology Pierre Lasjaunias;
    • 10.3 Surgical treatment Joan Grieve and Neil Kitchen;
    • 10.4 Stereotactic radiosurgery Mathias Radatz and Andras Kemeny;
  • 11. Neonatal stroke Eugenio Mercuri and Frances Cowan;
  • 12. Metabolic stroke Robert Surtees;
  • 13. Hemiplegic migraine Sarah Benton;
  • 14. Alternating hemiplegia Jean Aicardi;
  • 15. Sturge-Weber syndrome Sarah Aylett;
  • 16. Vein of Galen malformation Pierre Lasjaunias;
  • 17.Future directions Vijeya Ganesan and Fenella Kirkham; Index.

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