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Cardiac Imaging: The Requisites


Cardiac Imaging: The Requisites
The Requisites

496 Seiten, 4. Auflage, 2015
1000 Abbildungen

Get the essential tools you need to make an accurate diagnosis with Cardiac Imaging, 4th Edition! Edited by Lawrence Boxt, MD and Suhny Abbara, MD, this popular volume in The Requisites series concisely delivers the conceptual, factual, and interpretive information you need for effective clinical practice in cardiac imaging.

Practice-proven tips and excellent problem-solving discussions are accompanied by over 1000 figures and illustrations of the highest quality. The result is an outstanding review source for certification or recertification, as well as a highly user-friendly resource for everyday clinical practice.

  • Master core knowledge of all imaging modalities currently being used (plain film, ultrasound, CT, and MR), and discusses potential future developments.
  • Focus on the essentials needed to pass the boards and ensure accurate diagnoses in clinical practice.
New to this Edition:
  • Clearly visualize the findings you're likely to see in practice and on exams through updated and redrawn illustrations and color images interspersed throughout the text for easier and more intuitive access.
  • Gain new insight into a full range of cardiac imaging approaches and findings with new sections on congenital heart disease, emphasizing MRI and CT diagnostic and functional analysis as well as and updated information on valvular, ischemic, pericardial, myocardial, congenital, and thoracic/aortic heart disease.
  • Benefit from the expertise and fresh perspective of new lead editors, Drs. Lawrence Boxt and Suhny Abbara.
  • Access the fully searchable text and downloadable images online at expert consult.
Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Cardiac Anatomy

Chapter 2: Echocardiography

Chapter 3: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chapter 4: Cardiac Computed Tomography

Chapter 5: Coronary Heart Disease

Chapter 6: Myocardium, Pericardium and Cardiac Tumor

Chapter 7: Valvular Heart Disease

Chapter 8: Thoracic Aortic Disease

Chapter 9: Congenital Heart Disease

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