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Penile Cancer – A Practical Guide.-

BRUNCKHORST et al. --- Neuerscheinung!!

Penile Cancer – A Practical Guide.-

175 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2023
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  • Provides insight into research-based outcomes associated with robotic surgery for penile cancer
  • Identifies the key points covered in each chapter through the provision of learning objectives
  • Test your knowledge with questions and answers about the book with Springer Nature Flashcards
This latest book within the Management of Urology series provides a concise and up to date overview of all aspects of penile cancer care.

It is an ideal resource for urological trainees and established clinicians seeking an easy-to-digest summary of the topics covered, particularly for those working towards their final specialist examinations. Each chapter covers topics from the aetiology and molecular biology of the disease, diagnostic work up of patients and the differing surgical or non-surgical management techniques available. Learning objectives and key reading sections are included within every chapter that reinforce key points and facilitate the reader in developing a deeper understanding of the topic.

Additional questions via app: Download the Springer Nature Flashcards app for free and use exclusive additional material to test your knowledge.

Table of Contents
  • Epidemiology and Aetiology of Penile Cancer
  • Pathology and Molecular Biology of Penile Cancer
  • Imaging Techniques Used in Penile Cancer
  • Diagnosing and Staging Patients with Penile Cancer
  • Premalignant Penile Lesions
  • Penile-Sparing Surgical Options for Patients Diagnosed with Penile Cancer
  • Surgical Management of Advanced Penile Cancer
  • How to Manage the Lymph Nodes in Penile Cancer
  • The Role of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Penile Cancer
  • Reconstructive Surgical Techniques in Penile Cancer
  • Late Effects of Penile Cancer

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