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Management of Kidney Diseases.-

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Management of Kidney Diseases.-

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  • Follows KDIGO guidelines for management
  • Written from a global perspective by experts in the field
  • Free for readers: Additional questions and answers about the book content in the Springer Nature Flashcards app
This book provides an evidence based guide to the management of common kidney conditions.

Concise and highly structured chapters outline a diagnosis and treatment framework for kidney diseases encountered within daily practice. Particular attention is given to the management of chronic kidney disease, genetic kidney diseases, cardiovascular complications, haemodialysis, kidney cancer, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation.

Management of Kidney Disease aims to improve outcomes for patients with kidney diseases and is relevant to trainee and practising nephrologists, as well as healthcare professional treating kidney diseases.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. The Approach to the patient with kidney disease.-
  • 2. Investigating Kidney Disease.-
  • 3. Proteinuria and Haematuria.-
  • 4. Acute Kidney Injury.-
  • 5. Chronic kidney disease(CKD) - evaluation of the cause and prevention of progression.-
  • 6. CKD: Management and Prognosis.-
  • 7. Management of anaemia in chronic kidney disease.-
  • 8. Blood pressure in CKD.-
  • 9. Mineral and Bone Disorder in CKD.-
  • 10. Diabetes and CKD.-
  • 11. Cardiovascular Complications of CKD.-
  • 12. Glomerular disease: Primary.-
  • 13. Glomerulonephritis: Secondary and Renal Vasculitis.-
  • 14. Infections and the Kidney.-
  • 15. Genetic Kidney Diseases.-
  • 16. Kidney Cancer.-
  • 17. Hemodialysis in Clinical Practice.-
  • 18. Complications of Haemodialysis.-
  • 19. Peritoneal dialysis.-
  • 20. Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis: Prevention and Management.-
  • 21. Kidney Transplantation: The pre-transplantation recipient and donor work-up.-
  • 22. Management of patient after kidney transplantation.-
  • 23. Complications of Kidney Transplantation.-
  • 24. Approach to Obstetric Nephrology.-
  • 25. Transitional Care of Adolescents and Young Adult Patients with Kidney Disease.-
  • 26. Conservative Care for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.-
  • 27. Acid/Base and Electrolyte.-
  • 28. The role of Renal Registries.

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