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Ureteral Complications of Gynecological Surgery


Ureteral Complications of Gynecological Surgery
Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

177 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2022
116 Abbildungen

  • Discusses the causes of ureteral injuries in gynaecology
  • Discusses prevention and diagnosis of ureteral injuries during or after gynaecological surgery
  • Includes a rich iconography for practical guidance
This pictorial book focuses on ureter for gynaecologists. It is written by a multidisciplinary team of experts who share its experience on the study of the ureter in women, with specific attention to the injuries occurring during gynaecological surgery.

Supported by a rich iconography, the authors evaluate the causes of injuries of the ureter, discuss their prevention, precise the diagnosis with the support of urological radiology. The urological management of the injury and its consequences are described in the last chapter, with many photos of laparoscopy included.

This book is intended for gynaecologists, for all the surgeons specialized in the female pelvis, urologists, oncologists, general surgeons. It is also especially written for fellows, residents, and interns in University Hospitals with a limited experience of surgery of the pelvis.

Table of Contents
  • Why This Book?
  • Classic Anatomy
  • Generalities on the Ureter
  • Different Anatomical Aspects of the Ureter in Laparoscopy
  • Iatrogenic Lesions of the Ureter
  • Operations Causing Iatrogenic Lesions of the Ureter
  • Prevention of Traumatic Lesions of the Ureter During Gynecological Surgery
  • What to Do during the Operation in the Event of a Suspected Ureteral Lesion?
  • What to Do after Surgery in Case of the Suspected Ureteral Lesion?
  • Treatment of the Ureteral Lesion
  • Ureteral Endometriosis

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