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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound-Guided Regenerative Medicine

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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound-Guided Regenerative Medicine

558 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2022
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  • Provides state-of-the-art reviews of advances in regenerative medicine and the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Covers diagnostic and interventional musculoskeletal ultrasonography of a variety of joints
  • Details peripheral nerve hydrodissection, ultrasound-guided neural prolotherapy,
    and interventional physiatry
The book examines recent developments in regenerative medicine and the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound. Musculoskeletal regeneration has become a prominent research topic, no doubt due to the sociological and economic pressures imposed by the current ageing population. The ever expanding role of regenerative medicine and the identification as well as characterization of stem cells have introduced a major paradigm shift in the field of musculoskeletal and sports medicine as well as orthopaedic surgery. Whereas in the past, diseased tissue was replaced with allograft material, current trends in research revolve around regenerating damaged tissue.

Specifically, regenerative medicine stands in contrast to the standard treatment modalities which impair the body's natural abilities to facilitate endogenous repair mechanisms such as anti-inflammatory drugs; or destructive modalities (e.g., radiotherapy, nerve ablation, injections of botulinum toxin) and surgical interventions that permanently alter the functioning of a joint, bone or spine. When compared to other allopathic options (including knee and hip arthroplasty with a 90-day mortality rate of 0.7%), regenerative medicine treatment modalities have a lower incidence of adverse events with a growing body of statistically significant medical literature illustrating both their safety and efficacy.

Focusing on the major values of regenerative medicine, this book with its 21 chapters is expected to fill an important void in the current literature. It will take that extra step to guide you in your day to day clinical practice.

Featuring contributions from a large international group of leaders in regenerative medicine and musculoskeletal ultrasonography, this book is an authoritative reference for rheumatologists, physiatrists, sonographers, radiologists, physiotherapists and orthopaedic specialists.

Table of Contents

Regenerative Medicine
  • Fundamentals and Applications of Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative Options for Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Regenerative Medicine as It Pertains to the Joint
Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography
  • Image Optimization
  • Shoulder
  • Ultrasound-Guided Elbow Injection Techniques
  • Wrist and Hand
  • Ultrasound of the Hip/Thigh: Regenerative Medicine Focus
  • Ultrasound Imaging of the Knee Joint
  • Ultrasound-Guided Orthobiologics of the Foot and Ankle
Back and Spine
  • Ultrasound-Guided Regenerative Injections for the Spine
  • Spinal Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine in Dentistry
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine Procedures under Ultrasound Guidance
  • Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Hydrodissection for Pain Management: From Anatomy to Techniques
  • High-Frequency Peripheral Nerve Ultrasound
  • Dextrose-Based Perineural Injection Treatment, and Ultrasound Hydrodissection
  • Ultrasound-Guided Spinal Procedures
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound-Guided Regenerative Medicine
Sports Medicine
  • Ultrasound-Guided Exercises
  • Evolution of Sports Ultrasound
  • Use of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and Regenerative Therapies in Sports
Future of Regenerative Medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities

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