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Critical Care Echocardiography Review

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Critical Care Echocardiography Review
1200+ Questions and Answers

1088 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2022
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Prepare for success on the Examination of Special Competence in Critical Care Echocardiography (CCEeXAM)!

Critical Care Echocardiography Review is a first-of-its-kind, review textbook containing over 1,200 questions and answers. Helmed by Drs. Marvin G. Chang, Abraham Sonny, David Dudzinski, Christopher R. Tainter, Ryan J. Horvath, Sheri M. Berg, Edward A. Bittner as well as a team of associated editors and authors from institutions across the nation , this highly visual resource covers every aspect of the use of ultrasound for clinical diagnosis and management in the critical care setting, providing a thorough, effective review and helping you identify areas of mastery and those needing further study.
  • Includes over 1,200 multiple-choice questions and answers with rationale and selected references.
  • Features video-based questions, still echocardiograph images and illustrations in both questions and answer explanations to provide dynamic visual support.
  • Covers all exam content, including the physics of ultrasound, image acquisition and optimization, artifacts, quantification and hemodynamic calculations, cardiac ultrasound, rescue echocardiography, clinical applications of diastology, lung and pleural ultrasound, trauma ultrasound and the E-FAST exam, procedures, and much more.
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