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Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer
Comprehensive Management

605 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2022
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  • Comprehensive book covering all aspects of breast cancer
  • Serves as a complete practical guide for practitioners involved in the management of breast cancer
  • Presents some of the less discussed features of breast cancer
The book provides detailed information on breast cancer and covers all the aspects of this rapidly spreading disease, such as applied anatomy and physiology, causative factors, various Investigations to reach a concise, definitive and complete diagnosis. The management of breast cancer involves multi-modality treatment and the book describes all the modalities in a very clear manner. It also discusses in a very lucid and practical way, the multi-prong treatment that the patient requires.

Additionally, the book covers lesser-known areas of the subject like rehabilitation, management of lymphoedema, Extravasation of chemo-Infusion, organization of breast cancer management group, breast cancer awareness and patient education, follow up of the patient, and psychological support to these patients who have undergone mutilation of their organ. Edited by experts the chapters are contributed by renowned onco-sugeons from high volume and reputed centers in India such as, PGIMER, Chandigarh, AIIMS, New Delhi, and TMH, Mumbai among others.

The book serves as a useful resource for surgeons, medical oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists, radiologists and many other specialists interested in the field of breast cancer and actively working in this area. It is useful for practitioners and residents as well as for those who want to learn the different aspects of this disease.

Table of Contents
  • Current scenario of breast cancer in India.-
  • Applied anatomy for breast cancer.-
  • Applied physiology for breast cancer.-
  • Aetiopathogenesis and prevention of breast cancer.-
  • Classification of breast cancer.-
  • Approach to a new suspected patient of of breast cancer, including diagnostic evaluation and staging work up.-
  • Cytology for breast cancer.-
  • Pathological evaluation of breast cancer.-
  • Radiological imaging for breast cancer.-
  • PET-CT and total body bone scan for breast cancer.-
  • Tumour markers, prognostic factors and their interpretation in breast cancer.-
  • Management of early breast cancer - surgical aspect.-
  • Breast cancer surgery under local anaesthesia.-
  • Management of locally advanced breast cancer - surgical aspect.-
  • Management of late breast cancer (metastatic and recurrent - surgery).-
  • Management of hereditary breast cancer.-
  • Role of radiotherapy in breast cancer.-
  • Role of chemotherapy in breast cancer.-
  • Hormonal and target therapy for breast cancer.-
  • Oncoplastic and reconstruction for breast cancer.-
  • Management of metastatic breast cancer and palliative care.-
  • Management of breast cancer with associated problems.-
  • Management of lymphoedema in breast cancer.-
  • Management of chemotherapy infusion extravasation in breast cancer.-
  • Psychological and psychiatric support to breast cancer patients.-
  • Follow up and rehabilitation in breast cancer.-
  • Screening, self-examination and awareness in breast cancer.-
  • Organization of breast cancer management group.

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