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Female and Male Fertility Preservation

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Female and Male Fertility Preservation

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  • Includes both female and male fertility preservation
  • Includes the latest recommendations issued by prominent scientific societies (ASCO, ASRM, ESHRE)
  • Edited and written by key opinion leaders in the field
This book comprehensively addresses female and male fertility preservation. It discusses in detail all major aspects of fertility preservation in both sexes, explains the basis of fertility preservation, and highlights the currently available techniques; further chapters are dedicated to specific diseases.

The book offers an essential reference guide for all physicians, specialists or not, seeking to improve their grasp of female and male fertility preservation.

Table of Contents

Part I FEMALE FERTILITY PRESERVATION Normal ovarian ageing.- The effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on female reproductive tract.- Pediatric cancer and fertility.- ART in cancer survivors: including egg donation.- Fertility sparing surgery in gynecologic cancers.- Ovarian transposition.- Hormonal suppression for ovarian protection.- Oocyte and embryo cryopreservation: methodology and clinical results.- Ovarian stimulation for fertility preservation (different protocols).- In vitro maturation of oocytes.- Ovarian tissue cryopreservation.- Techniques of ovarian transplantation.- Assessing safety in ovarian transplantation.- Whole ovary cryopreservation and transplantation.- Fertility preservation in breast cancer patients.- Fertility preservation and endometriosis.- Fertility preservation in autoimmune diseases.- Fertility preservation in transgender males.- Fertility preservation in Turner syndrome and other gonadal dysgeneses .- Tissue preparation and follicle activation by physical methods .- Fertility preservation in children and adolescents.- Social egg freezing.- Ovarian tissue banking to postpone menopause.- Endometrial stem cells transplantation.- Uterine transplantation.- Surrogacy.- Medical treatments for ovarian protection.- Transplantation of isolated follicles.- In vitro folliculogenesis.- Artificial ovary.- Gamete production from stem cells.- Part II MALE FERTILITY PRESERVATION Impact of cancer treatments on sperm chromatin integrity.- ART in cancer patients including sperm donation.- Sperm cryopreservation.- Indications and methods of Epididymal or Testicular sperm retrieval for cryopreservation.- Testis sparing surgery.- Hormonal suppression for FP in male.- Fertility preservation in hypogonadal men.- Fertility preservation in prepubertal boys.- Fertility preservation in transgender females.- Testicular tissue transplantation.- Removal of malignant cells prior to autotransplantation of spermatogonial stem cells.- Transplantation of cryopreserved spermatogonia.- In vitro spermatogenesis.- Part III FEMALE AND MALE FERTILITY PRESERVATION Psychological aspects of fertility preservation.- Ethical considerations of fertility preservation.- Legal aspects.

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