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OCT Imaging in Glaucoma

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OCT Imaging in Glaucoma
A guide for practitioners

147 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2021
103 Abbildungen

  • Provides a wealth of up-to-date practical information
  • Describes the role of OCT in early diagnosis and detection of disease progression
  • Includes many high-quality images of findings in patients with glaucoma, glaucoma suspects, and healthy subjects
This book provides readers with the most up-to-date practical information on optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging in glaucoma.

A key aim is to demonstrate how imaging results are interpreted and applied in clinical practice. To this end, many high-quality images are presented to document findings in patients with glaucoma, glaucoma suspects, and healthy subjects and to explain their clinical significance.

The book is timely in that the role of OCT in the early diagnosis of glaucoma, the detection of disease progression, and the choice of management options has been advancing rapidly. OCT-based exploration of the segmented layer of the neural tissue and the deeper structures of the optic nerve, as well as OCT evaluation of the vascular network around the optic nerve head, facilitates understanding and assessment of the risk of glaucomatous damage.

In explaining all aspects of the use of OCT in glaucoma, this book will be a rich source of information and guidance for practicing ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists, and trainees.

Table of Contents
  • Principles of OCT Imaging
  • Peripapillary RNFL Imaging
  • Macular Imaging
  • Early Diagnosis and Detection of Progression
  • Lamina Cribrosa Imaging
  • OCT Angiography
  • Anterior Segment Imaging in Glaucoma
  • Imaging in Myopic Glaucoma
  • Pitfalls in OCT Imaging

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