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Impact of Polycystic Ovary, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity on Women Health


Impact of Polycystic Ovary, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity on Women Health

227 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2021
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  • Covers all aspects of women's health from adolescence to menopause
  • Discusses reproduction aspects
  • Impact on quality of life is also analyzed
This volume comprehensively focuses on polycystic ovary, metabolic syndrome and obesity and their impact on women’s health, reproduction and quality of life from adolescence to old age.

PCOS is analyzed form the early origins - highlighting the importance of diagnosis, management and treatment starting from the high-risk period of adolescence - throughout infertility PCOS-related issues, pregnancy and menopause transition. All aspects of this syndrome are covered also in relation with endocrine and metabolic features that affects women’s health.

This book is a very useful tool for gynecologists, endocrinologists, obstetricians, reproductive medicine and general practitioners and is an important resource for all physicians involved in women’s health.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Early Origins, Diagnosis & Treatment of Adolescent PCOS.-
  • 2. Early Origins, Diagnosis & Treatment of PCOS in Adolescent Girls.-
  • 3. Environment factors responsible for obesity and insuline resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome.-
  • 4. Pathogenesis of PCOS: from metabolic and neuroendocrine implications to the choice of the therapeutic strategy.-
  • 5. Personalized therapies: why, when and for how long, the need of tailoring.-
  • 6. Endocrine and molecular features involved in follicular arrest of PCOS women.-
  • 7. Quality of life and Sexual Health.-
  • 8. Infertility Management in Lean v/s obese PCOS.-
  • 9. Treatment of Infertility in women with PCOS.-
  • 10. Management of PCOS women preparing pregnancy.-
  • 11. Impact of polycystic ovarian syndrome, metabolic syndrome and obesity on women's health.-
  • 12. Pregnancy outcome and metabolic syndrome.-
  • 13. PCO and pregnancy: what the physician (or obstetrician) has to know to assure the best pregnancy follow-up.-
  • 14. The role of insulin resistance in benign breast disease.-
  • 15. Inflammation and the metabolic syndrome during the menopausal transition.-
  • 16. Metabolic changes at the menopausal transition.-
  • 17. Cardiovascular impact - Cardiovascular impact of metabolic abnormalities.-
  • 18. How to prevent, to diagnose and to treat gynecological cancer in PCO patients?.

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