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Non-Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunctions

BALZARRO / Li MARZI --- Neuerscheinung!!

Non-Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunctions

212 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2021
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  • Discusses all conditions of non-neurogenic bladder dysfunctions
  • Provides an overview of the latest trends in diagnosis and treatment
  • Includes a chapter on the impact of bladder dysfunctions on sexuality
This book is exclusively devoted to the often-challenging diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with non-neurogenic bladder dysfunction. A unique team of experts in the field report on the state of the art and the latest trends concerning overactive and underactive bladder dysfunctions, while also discussing detrusor overactivity impaired contractility.

Given its scope, the book will benefit all urologists, and offers a valuable tool for professionals and physicians who care and deal with patients with non-neurogenic bladder dysfunctions.

Table of Contents
  • 1 Physiopathology of overactive bladder
  • 2 Diagnosis of overactive bladder
  • 3 Treatment options in patients with overactive bladder: Initial and Pharmacological management
  • 4 Treatment options in patients with overactive bladder: Invasive management (Botulin toxin, Neurostimulation, Surgical options)
  • 5 Bladder outlet obstruction and overactive bladder in Females
  • 6 Bladder outlet obstruction and overactive bladder in Males (IPB)
  • 7 Overactive bladder and female stress urinary incontinence
  • 8 Physiopathology of underactive bladder
  • 9 Diagnosis of underactive bladder in male
  • 10 Diagnosis of underactive bladder in female
  • 11 Treatment options of underactive bladder (CIC, Neurostimulation, TURP)
  • 12 Detrusor Overactivity with Detrusor Underactivity (formerly known as DHIC – Detrusor Hyperactivity with Impaired Contractility)
  • 13 Defunctionalized Bladder and Kidney Transplantation
  • 14 Imaging in bladder dysfuncions in male and female
  • 15 Female Sexuality in Pelvic Floor Disorders

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