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Guide to Antibiotics in Urology

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Guide to Antibiotics in Urology

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  • The first-ever book on antibiotic treatment in the urological setting
  • A quick and easy guide to consulting in everyday clinical practice
  • A dedicated tool for easy and rapid consultation is included
This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the use of antibiotics in the urological setting. It is the first work to focus exclusively on the treatment of urinary tract infections, starting from the recent epidemiological and microbiological acquisitions in terms of bacterial resistance.

The structure of the book reflects everyday clinical practice, and the sections are divided in line with the level of clinical severity, starting from the uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections and continuing to severe uro-sepsis. Particular emphasis has been given to patient-related risk factors, to the role of antibiotic prophylaxis in urological surgical procedures, and to the treatment of male associated gland infections. The final section offers a dedicated tool for easy and rapid consultation, helping physicians in the everyday clinical practice setting.

The book offers the first practical guide for physicians who treat patients affected by urological infections. Further, it offers a simple guide to consulting for all physicians who occasionally care for these patients.

Table of Contents

Part I Epidemiological and microbiological aspects of urinary tract infections: Principles of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.- Bacterial resistance: what is the epidemiological scenario?.- Collection of urine samples: the microbiologist's point of view.- The antibiogram: from MIC to break-points.- Classification of urinary tract infections in the microbiome era.- Antibiotic stewardship: an urgent need in everyday urological practice.-

Part II Treatment of low severity urinary tract infections without risk factors: Uncomplicated cystitis: From empiric treatment to antibiogram based tailored treatment.- Recurrent urinary tract infections in young women.- Pyelonephritis: in- and outpatients .-

Part III Treatment of urinary tract infections with risk factors and urosepsis: Management of catheter associated urinary tract infections.- Treatment of urinary tract infections in renal transplant patients .- Management of the urosepsis syndrome.- The treatment of urinary tract infections caused by ESBL and multi-drug resistant bacteria.-

Part IV Urethritis and male accessory gland infections: Treatment of gonococcal and non-gonococcal urethritis.- Treatment of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis.- Treatment of epididymitis and orchitis.-

Part V Antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment of infectious complications after urological procedures : Principles of antibiotic prophylaxis in urology: why, when and how.- Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections after endoscopic surgery for urinary stones.- Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections after radical cystectomy, diversion and reservoirs.- Prevention and treatmentof infectious complications after urogenital prosthesis surgery.- Prevention and treatment of infective complications following prostate biopsy .-

Part VI Appendix: Antibiotics: pocket tables for everyday use.

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