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Gluteal Fat Augmentation

CANSANCAO / CONDÉ-GREEN --- Neuerscheinung!!

Gluteal Fat Augmentation
Best Practices in Brazilian Butt Lift

271 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2021

  • Will dispel the uncertainties about what is and isn't a true Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Features contributions from world-renowned plastic surgeons including Brazilian and international plastic surgeons
  • Includes nearly 250 images of the differing techniques of gluteal fat augmentation, reshaping, and contouring
  • Chapters include different approaches of augmentation including fat, implants, fillers, lifting and non-surgical procedures
Brazilian Butt Lift has been described by many, but there is no definitive resource or book that details the procedure as performed by Brazilian Plastic Surgeons.

The editors conducted a recent survey among the members of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons (SBCP) and have seen that there are many differences in approach, style, technique, and even materials used between what is being done around the world and what is being done in Brazil. While addressing recent media attention and scares, this book features contributions from world renowned Brazilian and international Plastic Surgeons addressing the high morbidity and mortality recently reported and establish tried and true safety protocols. To increase the scope of the book, differing views of techniques and methods are also included, making this a truly global book covering the specific gluteal region.

Gluteal Fat Augmentation: Best Practices in Brazilian Butt Lift will open with the history of the procedure, go through the anatomy and the ethnic aspects of the aesthetics of the gluteal region. The book features special chapters on gluteal fat augmentation and a wide variety of techniques to improve the gluteal contour. A wealth of images accompany the text to fully illustrate the different approaches and techniques of gluteal fat augmentation, reshaping, and contouring including the use of fillers, implants, lift, and correction of depressions and deformities of the region.

Written for practicing plastic surgeons, this book is poised to become the go-to reference for cosmetic and reconstructive concerns surrounding the gluteal region.

Table of Contents


Part I: Basics of Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • 1 History of Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • 2 Biology of Adipose Tissue
  • 3 Stromal Vascular Fraction Enriched Fat Grafting
  • 4 Cryopreservation of Fat Grafts for Future Clinical Applications
  • 5 Anatomy of the Gluteal Region Applied to the Brazilian Butt Lift
  • 6 Aesthetics of the Gluteal Region
Part II: Surgical Techniques of Gluteal Fat Augmentation
  • 7 Strategy and Planning of Gluteal Reshaping
  • 8 Liposuction: Clinical Management and Safety Protocol
  • 9 Anesthesia for Liposuction and Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • 10 Clinical Principles of Autologous Fat Grafting
  • 11 Liposuction Techniques
  • 12 Fat Processing Techniques Used for Gluteal Fat Augmentation
  • 13 Three Decades of Brazilian Buttock Lift
  • 14 Strategy and Planning of Gluteal Augmentation with Lipotransfer
  • 15 Gluteal Fat Augmentation with Syringes
  • 16 Gluteal Fat Augmentation with Power-Assisted Liposuction
  • 17 Gluteal Augmentation with Stromal Vascular Fraction Enriched Fat
  • 18 Gluteal Fat Injection Standardization: The Gluteal Codes
  • 19 Ultrasound Assisted Gluteal Fat Grafting
  • 20 Postoperative Evaluation of Gluteal Fat Augmentation
Part III: Other Gluteal Augmentation Techniques
  • 21 Mortality Following Gluteal Fat Augmentation: Physiopathology of Fat Embolism
  • 22 Complications of Gluteal Fat Augmentation
  • 23 Safety in Gluteal Fat Augmentation
  • 24 Liposuction for High Definition Gluteal Contour
  • 25 Gluteal Augmentation with Implants
  • 26 Composite Gluteal Augmentation: Implant + Fat Grafting: Getting the Best of Both Worlds
  • 27 Gluteal Lift
  • 28 Gluteal Augmentation with Injectable Fillers
  • 29 Male Gluteal Augmentation with Body Banking Lipocyte Transfer and Silicone Implant
  • 30 Gluteal Augmentation in Patients with Lipodystrophy Due to the Use of Antiretroviral Therapy
  • 31 Gluteal Augmentation in Post Massive Weight Loss Patients
  • 32 Non-Aesthetic Gluteal Deformities
  • 33 Managing Complications of Non-Approved Fillers
Part IV: Ancillary Procedures for the Gluteal Region
  • 34 Subcision for the Treatment of Cellulite
  • 35 Management of Stretch Marks with Pigment Structuration

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