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Breast Imaging Essentials


Breast Imaging Essentials
Case Based Review

196 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2020
95 Abbildungen

  • Describes essentials of breast imaging reporting using latest ACR guidelines
  • Covers commonly encountered to rare findings imaging of the breast through 50 cases
  • Cases are categorized on an increasing level of difficulty for a gradual development and understanding of concepts
This book covers all the essential aspects of breast imaging necessary for the preparation of MMed, MD, FRCR and FRANZCR exams. The main focus is on mammogram and breast ultrasound along with basics of breast MRI and breast interventions. With the increasing popularity of these qualifying exams among radiology residents in Asia, Great Britain as well as Australia and dearth of relevant resources on the topic, this book will serve as a valuable resource for the candidates.

The book is also aligned with preparations required for the FRCPC (Canada) and the American Board of Radiology.

The book is divided into two sections - first section includes chapters on basics of breast imaging along with a chapter on emerging technologies while the second section includes 50 exam-relevant cases covering imaging findings utilizing appropriate BI-RADS lexicon, possible differentials, next recommended investigation and appropriate management in accordance with American College of Radiology lexicon, BI-RADS system and MRI correlation, whenever available. Readers also get familiar with the indications for breast MRI. The book is written by experts in breast imaging with relevant teaching experience.

Written by an experts with strong teaching experience, this book is not only suitable for exams but is also useful for practicing breast and non-breast radiologists as well as breast care clinicians, keen to learn fundamentals of breast imaging.

Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction to breast imaging
  • Introduction to breast imaging
  • Mammography
  • Spot compression and magnification
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast screening
  • Digital breast tomosynthesis
  • ACR BIRADS lexicon
  • Reporting on Breast Imaging
  • Emerging technologies used for breast imaging (CESM, elastography, 3D ultrasound, etc.)
Section II: Case based review
  • Breast calcifications
  • Architectural distortion and asymmetry of breast
  • Benign breast diseases
  • Breast cancer- ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
  • Breast cancer - invasive carcinoma
  • Molecular biology and neoadjuvant treatment for breast diseases
  • Inflammation, infections, pregnancy and lactation in breast diseases
  • Post-operative breast implants and reconstruction
  • Interventional procedures for treatment of breast diseases
  • Skin, male breast, metastases and lymph nodes in breast imaging

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