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Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring


Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring

316 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2020
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  • Provides comprehensive information for monitoring of various types of surgery using multiple modalities
  • Updated chapters to included more in-depth coverage on anatomy and physiology of IOM, as well as new chapters on spinal cord monitoring and pediatric monitoring
  • Organized for classroom presentation or self-study, beginning with foundational material and building upon these concepts to explore the practice of IOM
This book is a comprehensive, focused resource on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM).

This rapidly evolving field has created a demand for an up-to-date book such as this that builds on foundational concepts necessary to the practice of IOM in the context of anatomy and physiology. Each chapter is designed to not only inform the reader, but to also test the reader on the information presented - therefore promoting practical, problem-based learning.

Surpassing the quality of its successful predecessor, Principles of Neurophysiological Assessment, Mapping, and Monitoring, Second Edition, is positioned to suit the needs of residents and fellows studying for the IOM certificate programs, physicians and anesthesiologists practicing IOM, and neurotechnologists both experienced and in training.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction to the Operating Room
  • 2. Anatomy of Intraoperative Monitoring
  • Cellular Neurophysiology
  • Electrophysiology and Bioinstrumentation
  • Anesthesiology and Intraoperative Electrophysiological Monitoring
  • Somatosensory-Evoked Potential Monitoring
  • Motor Evoked Potentials
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials
  • Electroencephalograph
  • The H-Reflex and F-Response
  • Monitoring Procedures of the Spine
  • Monitoring and Mapping of the Spinal Cord
  • Monitoring Posterior Fossa Craniotomies
  • Intraoperative Monitoring for Carotid Endarterectomy
  • Monitoring ENT Procedures
  • Peripheral Nerve Monitoring
  • Intraoperative Cortical Mapping: Basic Concepts, Indications, and Anesthesia Considerations
  • Neuromonitoring in the Pediatric Patient
  • Neurological Assessment and Correlation in Spinal Cord Nerve Root Pathology
  • Electrophysiological Assessment of Spinal Cord Pathology in Pain Medicine
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation: Principles and Applications
  • New Vistas: Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring and Small-Pain-Fibers Method of Testing for Spinal Cord Assessment in Pain States

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