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New Concepts in ECG Interpretation


New Concepts in ECG Interpretation

209 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2019
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  • Presents P wave reevaluation as a fundamental indicator of a patient’s clinical state
  • Shares new insights into the correct diagnosis of aberrant conduction and ventricular rhythms
  • Examines new advances in the diagnosis of ischemia and pseudo ischemia, and explains the mechanisms involved
This book elucidates a number of new concepts on P-wave evaluation and QRS depolarization properties, and reports on several repolarization findings never covered in previous ECG books. The content is primarily based on case reports, some of which are compared in order to reveal their ostensibly small but significant differences.

The book addresses a significant and lingering gap in ECG interpretation, which is the actual cause of many poor decisions in the diagnostic and therapeutic contexts. Further, the book has an interdisciplinary appeal, and will be of equal interest to professionals and scholars with an interest in cardiology and ECG interpretation.

Table of Contents
  • P-Waves Are the Main Clues for Correct ECG Interpretation
  • Atrial Pathologies
  • PR Segment: Cardiac Implications
  • The Difficult Extra Beats Cases
  • Supraventricular Tachycardias: How to Diagnose the Mechanism
  • Wide QRS Tachycardias: Aberrant Conduction or Ventricular Origin?
  • QRS Morphologies of Difficult Interpretation
  • Second-Degree Atrioventricular Blocks: Take It Easy
  • Does EKG Favor a Correct Localization of the Ischemic Areas?
  • Ischaemia or Pseudoischaemia? The Memory Hypothesis Revisited
  • Early Repolarization: When Is It a Normal Pattern?
  • Channellopathies: New ECG Criteria for Risk Stratification
  • Drug Effects on ECGs
  • Electrolytic Influences on the Depolarization/Repolarization Patterns
  • Critical ECGs from Non-cardiologic Patients
  • Pacemaker Stimulation Criticism at ECG
  • Pitfalls and Errors of the ECG and Monitoring Systems

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