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Emergency Neuro-ophthalmology. Rapid Case Demonstration


Emergency Neuro-ophthalmology. Rapid Case Demonstration
with online files

336 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2018
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  • Presents neuro-ophthalmic diseases typically encountered in the emergency room
  • Offers hands-on support for junior doctors
  • Summarizes the essential points for case management
This book presents 57 typical cases of neuro-ophthalmic diseases in the emergency room, which represent notoriously complex and difficult challenges for junior doctors. The physical manifestations of these neurologic disorders include visual loss, transient blurring, diplopia, headache, pupillary abnormality, and even cognition problems. Each case provides a wealth of information, including the case report, comments, diagnosis, management, prognosis and concise notes, as well as photographs and other images.

As a case-based clinical reference work on neuro-ophthalmic diseases, the book offers readers essential, concretely applicable information and guidance.

Table of Contents

Part I: Acute visual loss.- Chapter 1: Acute optic neuritis.- Chapter 2: Non-arteritic AION.- Chapter 3: Leukemic optic neuropathy (infiltration).- Chapter 4: Luetic optic neuritis (infection).- Chapter 5: Methanol-related optic neuropathy.- Chapter 6: Traumatic optic neuropathy.- Chapter 7: LHON.- Chapter 8: DOA.- Chapter 9.- Optic glioma.- Chapter 10: Optic nerve sheath meningioma.- Chapter 11: Ethambutol optic neuropathy.- Chapter 12: Amiodarone-related optic neuropathy.- Chapter 13: White dot syndrome.- Chapter 14: VKH.-

Part II: Transient visual loss.- Chapter 15: Papilledema with tumor.- Chapter 16: Pseudotumor cerebri with sinus thrombosis.-

Part III: Cortical visual loss.- Chapter 17: Occipital infarction.- Chapter 18: Occipital lobe tumor.- Chapter 19: Sturge Weber syndrome.- Chapter 20: ADEM.- Chapter 21: MELAS.- Chapter 22: CO intoxication.- Chapter 23: X-linked aderenoleukodystrophy.-

Part IV.- Red eye proptosis.- Chapter 24: CCF, direct.- Chapter 25: CCF, indirect.- Chapter 26: Orbital pseudotumor.- Chapter 27: Tolosa-Hunt syndrome.- Chapter 28: thyroid associated optic neuropathy.-

Part V: Diplopia.- Chapter 29: mucormycosis with frozen eye.- Chapter 30: NPC with abducens palsy.- Chapter 31: pCOM aneurysm with 3rd nerve palsy.- Chapter 32: MG with IO paresis.- Chapter 33: Acquired Brown syndrome.- Chapter 34: MS with INO.- Chapter 35: Wernicke encephalopathy.- Chapter 36: Miller Fisher syndrome.- Chapter 37: Horizontal gaze palsy by MG.- Chapter 38: Horizontal gaze palsy by brainstem hemo.- Chapter 39: ocular bobbing.- Chapter 40: Upgaze palsy: pineal germinoma.-

Part VI: Bitemporal Hemianopia.- Chapter 41: Pituitary tumor.- Chapter 42: Craniopharyngioma.- Chapter 43: Optic chiasmal glioma.- Chapter 44: Germinoma.- Chapter 45: Tuberculum sella meningioma.- Chapter 46: Cavernous sinus meningioma.- Chapter 47: Cavernous sinus thrombosis.- Chapter 48: Cavernous T cell lymphoma.- Chapter 49: Cavernous sinus schwannoma.-

Part VII: Large pupil.- Chapter 50: Pineal tumor with Parinaud's syndrome.- Part VIII: cognition.- Chapter 51: Prosopagnosia, cerebral achromatopsia.- Chapter 52: Alice in wonderland syndrome.- Part IX: Challenging cases.- Chapter 53: Functional visual loss.- Chapter 54: Unexplained visual loss.- Chapter 55: Sarcoidosis.- Chapter 56: Fabry disease.- Chapter 57:Lymphoplasmocytic lymphoma

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