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What do we know? And what do we still not know?

369 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2018
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  • Discusses the management and complications of hydrocephalus
  • Presents the most advanced research on its pathophysiology
  • Provide a new understanding and classifications
  • Includes key ethical issues
This book provides the reader with a well-structured, comprehensive approach to hydrocephalus and related syndromes. It also addresses the ethical dilemmas of managing hydrocephalus, of which many neurosurgeons are unaware, and presents cutting-edge research genetic and pathophysiology research on hydrocephalus.

The book presents a new classification for the Dandy Walker syndrome, based on a new understanding of different hydrocephalic problems. Further, it puts forward a wholly new theory on the pathophysiology and development of multiloculated hydrocephalus. This book helps the reader to devise a long-term strategic plan to treat patients, based on research of favorable long-term outcomes of hydrocephalus. It uniquely provides evidence-based approaches to managing hydrocephalus, presenting the experience and thoughts of renowned and highly experienced neurosurgeons from the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Table of Contents

Part I- Introduction:
  • Preface
  • Scientific History of Hydrocephalus
  • Value based Medicine- Ethical issues and hydrocephalus
  • Evidence Based Medicine- Hydrocephalus
Part II Etiology and pathophysiology of hydrocephalus:
  • Pathophysiology of hydrocephalus
  • Understand Hydrocephalus-Genetic’s theories
  • Post SAH hydrocephalus
  • Normal Pressure hydrocephalus
  • Post infection and multiple loculated hydrocephalus
  • Arrested Hydrocephalus
Part III- Clinical Presentation:
  • Clinical presentations of hydrocephalus in neonates and children
  • Clinical presentation of Hydrocephalus in Adults
  • Radiological diagnosis of hydrocephalus
Part IV- Management of hydrocephalus:
  • Strategic plans for management of hydrocephalus
  • Endoscopic management and CPC
  • Shunts and shunt complications
  • Anesthesia for hydrocephalic patient
  • Anesthesia for large heads patients
  • Good long time of hydrocephalus
Part V- Complex hydrocephalus:
  • Complex hydrocephalus
  • Posterior fossa anomalies and hydrocephalus
  • Dandy walker syndrome
  • Brain atrophy and brain anomalies and hydrocephalus
Part VI- Fetal hydrocephalus:
  • Pros and cons of fetal surgery
  • Intrauterine shunt

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