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A Comprehensive Approach

342 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2018
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  • Focuses on menopause in the context of healthy ageing
  • Provides an evidence-based approach
  • Fills the gap created after the most recent assessments on the role of hormones and other drugs
This book provides an evidence-based approach to the universal experience of menopause. Its structured format clearly separates the biological basis from the clinical impact and quality of life, while also examining menopause within the context of healthy ageing in females. Accordingly, the book addresses factors including lifestyle, frailty, sarcopenia, and new ICT technologies.

Written by respected experts in the field, the book offers a valuable guide for gynecologists and professionals devoted to women’s healthcare and ageing quality of life, while also sharing revealing insights for non-professionals.

Table of Contents

Part I Biological background: An evolutionary view of menopause.- Menopause: the concepts and the biological background.- Primary ovarian insufficiency.-

Part II Impact of estrogen depletion on symptoms and quality of life: Clinical symptoms and quality of life (1).- Clinical symptoms and quality of life (2).- The genitourinary syndrome. Vaginal health and microbiota.-

Part III: The impact of estrogen depletion on disease susceptibility: Osteoporosis.- Metabolic syndrome.- Other chronic noncommunicable diseases (Cognitive decline, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis).-

Part IV Management of menopause: Hormone therapy (I): estrogens and progestogens.- Hormone therapy (II): tibolone, the TSEC concept.- The impact of hormone therapy on the clinical features of menopause.- The impact of hormone therapy on health (Osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognition).- Pharmacological compounds other than hormones: which and when.- Alternative medicine.- Lifestyle: physical activity.- Lifestyle: nutrition.-

Part V Menopause in the context of healthy ageing: Frailty and co-morbidities. Frailty in women.- Sarcopenia and dynapenia.- The health challenges at menopause and midlife: sustainability, ICT technology, patient empowerment.


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