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A Concise Compendium of Theory and Practice

972 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2018
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  • The authors have been selected for their acknowledged international stature in the fields of lymphatic biology, medicine and surgery
  • The grading of the recommendations depending on the evidence base provides users with a thorough grounding in the diagnostic tests and treatment - we should not say this. Most of the book is not necessarily based on evidence-based recommendations
  • Recognises the synergies in human lymphatic and venous function in approaching lymphedema and other disorders of the lymphatic system
The second edition of this book serves as a central source of theoretical and practical knowledge to optimize the evaluation and treatment of patients with lymphedema. The book covers all aspects of the disease from anatomical and histological features to diagnosis as well as physical/medical and surgical management of the disease.

Updated from the first edition to reflect the substantial progress in diagnostics, medical care and surgical intervention for this patient population, this volume has been reorganized to meet today’s practice requirements. It addresses the challenges faced by clinicians in the management of chronic lymphedema enabling them to meet the medical needs of this large patient community.

Edited by world leaders in Vascular Medicine and Surgery, this comprehensive volume provides clear, concise background and recommendations in an easy-to-use format. It is a valuable reference tool for clinical practitioners (physicians/nurse practitioners/technicians) who wish to deliver state-of-the-art health care to their patients with lymphatic and venous disorders.

Table of Contents

Section I - Introduction
  • 1.General Overview
    Byung-Boong Lee and Stanley G. Rockson
  • 2.Etiology and Classification of Lymphatic Disorders
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 3.Hereditary and Familial Lymphedemas
    Peter Mortimer
Section II - Embryology, Anatomy, & Histology
  • 4. Lymphatic Vascular Development and Lymphangiogenesis
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 5. Anatomy of the Lymphatic System and its Structural Disorders
    Hiroo Suami
Section III - Physiology, Pathophysiology and Lymphodynamics
  • 6.General Overview
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 7.Lymphodynamics
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 8. Physiology- Lymph Flow
    David C Zawieja
  • 9.Biomechanics of the Lymphatic Circulation
    James Moore
  • 10.Pathology & Histochemistry
    Waldemar Olszewski
  • 11.The Cellular and Molecular Composition of Lymph
    Laura Santambrogio
Section IV - Clinical Diagnosis
  • 12.General Overview
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 13.Clinical Staging
    Sandro Michelini
  • 14.Combined Clinical and Laboratory (Lymphoscintigraphic) Staging
    Byung-Boong Lee, James Laredo, and Richard Neville
  • 15.Diagnostic considerations in latent and early stage lymphedema
    Leigh Ward
  • 16.Cutaneous manifestations of edema
    Peter Mortimer
  • 17.Differential Diagnosis of Edema
    Stanley Rockson
  • 18.Differential Diagnosis: Venous Edema
    Eri Fukuyama
  • 19.Differential Diagnosis: Lipedema
    Győző Szolnoky
Section V - Laboratory/Imaging Diagnosis
  • 20.General Guidelines
    Andrzej Szuba
  • 21.Radionuclide Lymphoscintigraphy
    Pierre Bourgeois
  • 22.Duplex ultrasonography
    Attilio Cavezzi
  • 23.Oil Contrast Lymphangiography
    J. Lionel Villavicencio
  • 24.Fluorescent microlymphangiography
    Claudio Allegra
  • 25.Near Infrared Fluorescent Lymphography
    Takumi Yamamoto
  • 26.MR Lymphangiography
    NingFei Liu
  • 27.Combined role of the lymphoscintigraphy, Xray Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Positron Emission Tomography in the management of lymphedematous disease
    Pierre Bourgeois
  • 28.Alternative assessment & measurement tools
    Neil Piller
Section VI - Physical and Medical Management
  • 29. General Overview
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 30.Physiological principles of physiotherapy
    Ethel Főldi
  • 31.Complex Decongestive Therapy
    Kristiane Gordon
  • 32. Compression Therapy
    Hugo Partsch
  • 33.Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 34.Other contemporary treatment modalities
    Neil Piller
  • 35.Medical treatment options
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 36.Diagnosis and Managment of Infection in Lymphedema
    Waldemar Olszewski
  • 37.The prospect for genetic and growth factor therapies
    Stanley G. Rockson
  • 38.Compliance and Quality of Life
    Sheila Ridner
  • 39.Lymphedema Healthcare Delivery
    Jane Armer
Section VII - Practical issues in the Physiotherapeutic Approach to Lymphedema
  • 40.Lower Limb Lymphedema
    Győző Szolnoky
  • 41.Upper Limb Lymphedema
    Robert Damstra
  • 42. Head, Face, & Neck Lymphedema
    Anne-Marie Vaillant-Newman and Stanley G. Rockson
  • 43.Genital lymphedema
    Stéphane Vigne
Section VIII - Surgical treatment - Reconstructive Surgery
  • 44. General Overview
    Peter Gloviczki
  • 45.Principles of Patient Selection for Surgical Management
    Joseph Dayan
  • 46.Lympho-venous bypass surgery
    Francesco Boccardo and Corradino Campisi
  • 47.Lympho-lymphatic bypass surgery
    Ruediger Baumeister
  • 48. Lymph node-to-venous bypass and other related reconstructive surgery
    Gurusamy Manokaran
  • 49.Lymph nodes transplantation
    Dung Nguyen and Corinne Becker
  • 50.Surgical Management of Lipedema
    Mark Smith
  • 51.Controversies and Current Dilemmas in Reconstructive Surgery for Lymphedema
    Byung-Boong Lee, James Laredo, and Richard Neville
  • 52.Future prospects in lymphatic reconstructive surgery
    David Chang
Section IX - Surgical treatment: Excisional and Debulking Techniques
  • 53.Contemporary indications and controversies in excisional surgery
    Byung-Boong Lee, James Laredo, and Richard Neville
  • 54.General Principles for debulking/excisional surgery
    Gurusamy Manokaran
  • 55.Suction-Assisted Lipectomy for the Management of Lymphedema
    Håkan Brorson
Section X - Congenital Vascular Malformation with Lymphatic Involvement
  • 56.Primary lymphedema and Lymphatic Malformation
    Byung-Boong Lee, James Laredo and Richard Neville
  • 57.Syndromic Lympedema and Complex Vascular Malformations with Lymphatic Involvement
    Francine Blei
  • 58.An Atlas of Neonatal and Infantile Lymphedema
    Cristobal Miguel Papendieck and Miguel Amore
Section XII - Management of Chyle Reflux and Effusions
  • 59.Pathophysiology and Medical Management of Chylous Disorders
    Francine Blei
  • 60.Surgical management of Chylous Reflux
    Steve Fishman
  • 61.Endovascular Catheter-based Management of Chylous Effusions
    Max Itkin
Section XII - Lymphatic Filariasis
  • 62.Epidemiology
    LeAnn Fox
  • 63.Etiology & Pathophysiology
    Thomas Nutman
  • 64.Clinical Overview- Diagnosis & Management
    Gurusamy Manokaran
Section XIV - Oncology and lymphedema
  • 65.Breast cancer
    Sharon L. Kilbreath
  • 66.Lower extremity cancers
    Mi-Joung Lee and Stanley G. Rockson
  • 67.Radiation Complication
    Kathleen Horst
Section – XV - Phlebolymphedema
  • 68.Diagnosis and Management of Primary Phlebolymphedema
    James Laredo and Byung-Boong Lee
  • 69.Diagnosis and Management of Secondary Phlebolymphedema
    Attilio Cavezzi
  • 70.Management of phlebolymphedema ulcer
    Sergio Gianesini (and Erica Menegatti)

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