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This is Our Brain


This is Our Brain

158 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2017
81 Abbildungen

  • Offers readers (including beginners) an understanding of the brain using magnetic resonance imaging/computed tomography (MRI/CT) images
  • Is richly illustrated with MRI and CT images of the healthy and the diseased brain
  • Highlights findings from innovative methods developed for MRI scans
Although many things can go wrong in the brain, this book also shows that our brain is strong.

It highlights the key findings that can be seen on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans, including those related to normal brain aging and common diseases such as brain infarcts, fractures of the skull as well as fractures and tumors of the vertebral column. It offers insights into brain MRI and CT scans, enabling readers to interpret the key findings.

Table of Contents

1. CT and MRI scanners: the basics
2. CT and MRI scans: different types of photos
3. Brain anatomy
4. White spots
5. Brain shrinkage
6. Silent infarcts
7. Small old bleedings
8. More space around the blood vessels
9. Brain infarcts
10. Brain bleedings
11. Blockage of a draining blood vessel
12. Sinusitis with filling of air spaces
13. Multiple sclerosis (MS)
14. Herniation of the disc between spinal vertebrae
15. Stenosis of the spinal canal
16. Arteries in the neck region
17. Arteries within the skull
18. Rupture of a blood vessel
19. Fractures of the skull
20. Bleeding after an accident
21. Fractures of vertebrae
22. Brain infection
23. Causes of epilepsy
24. Brain tumor: not aggressive
25. Brain tumor: aggressive
26. Brain tumor: distant cause
27. Spinal tumor: distant cause
28. Too much brain water
29. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
30. Too much blood vessels
31. Tumour at the brain surface
32. More brain infarcts at the same time
33. Tumor from a nerve
34. Tumor from a gland
35. Ear infection
36. The eye and the optic nerve
37. The small brain
38. The brain from 0 to 100
39. The brain after and operation
40. Many secrets

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