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Congenital Anomalies of the Penis


Congenital Anomalies of the Penis

267 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2017
300 Abbildungen

  • Provides complete, but simple coverage of all common and rare congenital diseases and anomalies affecting the penis at childhood and adolescence
  • Highly illustrative content methodically explaining almost all congenital anomalies of the penis enabling better diagnosis and management of those uncommon diseases
  • Schematic description of all congenital diseases affecting penis: from embryology to management
This book provides comprehensive but concise data for congenital diseases of the penis, explaining the embryological and anatomical background, incidence, historical background, investigation approaches, imaging and management of each condition.

The book is organised in themed parts, starting from embryology and normal anatomy and examining anomalies for each anatomical part: prepuce, penis, urinary meatus, penile urethra with a final part of acquired penile diseases with congenital background. With clear illustrations in each chapter to explain each condition in detail, online animations for the difficult and complex cases are also provided.

Practitioners in the field of pediatric urology and surgery will find this highly readable book particularly valuable. The author is a pioneer pediatric surgeon with over 30 years’ experience in the field of genitourinary anomalies.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction.- Embryology.- Anatomy and Normal Variations.- History of the Penis.-

Part II Prepuce.- Aposthia.- Microposthia.- Congenital Megaprepuce.- Preputial Lymphedema.- Preputial cysts.-

Part III Penis.- Penile Agenesis (Aphallia).- Microphallus.- Megalopenis.- Penile Duplication.- Penile Deviation.- Penile Chordee.- Webbed Penis.- Penoscrotal Transposition.- Median genital raphe anomalies.- Penile Heamangioma.- Penile Lymphedema.- Penile cysts.-

Part IV Urinary Meatus.- Megameatus.- Congenital Meatal stenosis.- Congenital Double meatus.-

Part V Penile Urethra.- Urethral Agenesis.- Hypospadias and its Variant.- Epispadias.- Megalourthera.- Urethral duplication.- Congenital urethral fistula.- Urethral Diverticulum.- Urethral cyst.- Syringocele.- Urethral polyp.- Congenital urethral stricture.- Lacuna magna.-

Part VI Acquired Penile Diseases with congenital background.- Complications of Circumcision.- Smegomoma.- Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans Urinary Meatus.- Phimosis and paraphimosis.- Balanitis.- Dermatological disease.


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