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Functional Mapping of the Cerebral Cortex


Functional Mapping of the Cerebral Cortex
Safe Surgery in Eloquent Brain

229 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2016
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  • Describes practical applications of preoperative and intraoperative mapping
  • Proposes helpful decision-making algorithms
  • Includes instructive clinical case examples, fully illustrated
This book provides up-to-date, practical information on functional mapping in order to assist neurosurgeons responsible for safely removing lesions in and around eloquent cortex – one of the greatest challenges in neurosurgery. The roles of pre- and intraoperative mapping techniques are clearly explained, highlighting the advantages and limitations of each tool available to the neurosurgeon. The inclusion of treatment algorithms for applications in specific clinical circumstances ensures that the book will serve as a clear guide to this most complex of neurosurgical problems.

To further assist the reader, instructive clinical case examples, accompanied by intraoperative photos and other illustrative material, help to explain the applications of functional mapping of eloquent cortex in different pathologies. Practitioners will find the book to be a ready guide to navigation of the practical decisions commonly faced when operating in eloquent cortex.

  • Historical Perspective on the Development of Cerebral Localization, Cerebral Cortical Motor Stimulation, and Sensory Evoked Potentials
  • Anatomy of Important Functioning Cortex
  • Mapping Eloquent Brain with functional MRI and DTI
  • Intra-Operative Cortical Stimulation Mapping
  • Technique and Limitations
  • Anesthetic Considerations in Cortical Mapping and Awake Surgery
  • Mapping Cortical Function with Event-Related Electrocorticography
  • Mapping of Eloquent Cortex in Focal Epilepsy with Intracranial Electrodes
  • Somatosensory and Motor Evoked Potentials in Surgery of Eloquent Cortex Under General Anesthesia: Advantages and Limitations
  • Cortical Mapping with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Practical application of Pre-Operative and Intra-Operative Cortical Mapping in Surgery
  • Epilepsy Surgery in Eloquent Cortex
  • White Matter Tracts
  • Intraoperative Cortical Stimulation and the Value of Negative Mapping


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