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First-Trimester Ultrasound

ABRAMOWICZ / LONGMAN --- Neuerscheinung!!

First-Trimester Ultrasound
A Comprehensive Guide

ca.533 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2023
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This second edition offers a unique and focused study of the use of ultrasound during the first trimester, a critical time in a fetus’ development. It includes basic examination guidelines as well as cutting-edge ultrasound modalities, including Doppler and three-dimensional ultrasound, for the period immediately preceding conception through early embryology.

Fully updated, the text begins with a discussion of the safety and efficacy of diagnostic ultrasound and the use of this modality for the evaluation and treatment of infertility. Recognized experts in the field then explore conditions that may interfere with normal conception or development, including maternal diseases that would benefit from early scanning, elements of teratology, multiple gestations, ectopic pregnancy, gestational trophoblastic disease, fetal anomalies and invasive procedures in the first trimester.

This edition includes seven new chapters focusing on the imaging of fetal development, including chapters on the first trimester fetal brain, genitourinary tract, and diagnosis of fetal genetic syndromes. Numerous illustrations, figures, and online videos serve as aides for understanding key concepts.

First-Trimester Ultrasound, 2e is a valuable resource for many, in or after training, in obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, emergency medicine, family medicine and genetics.

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1. Ultrasound in the First Trimester and Earlier: How to Keep It Safe - Jacques S. Abramowicz
  • Chapter 2. Ultrasound and Infertility -Sana N. Khan and Elizabeth E. Puscheck
  • Chapter 3. Maternal Co-Morbidities and First Trimester: Ultrasound Examination - Elena Bronshtein and Karoline S. Puder
  • Chapter 4. First-Trimester Embryology: An Overview - Cresta W. Jones, Deborah Penzkover, Rachel Pollard, and Randall S. Kuhlmann
  • Chapter 5. Elements of Teratology - Eran Barzilay and Gideon Koren
  • Chapter 6. First-Trimester Ultrasound: Guidelines - Jude P. Crino and Robert M. Ehsanipoor
  • Chapter 7. Normal First Trimester of Pregnancy - Kalesha Hack and Phyllis Glanc
  • Chapter 8. Aneuploidy Screening: The Ongoing Role of First-Trimester Ultrasound - Kristen M. Rauch, Melissa A. Hicks, Henry Adekola, and Jacques S. Abramowicz
  • Chapter 9. Fetal Biometry in Early Pregnancy - Lea M. Porche, Steven Warsof, and Alfred Abuhamad
  • Chapter 10. Threshold, Discriminatory Zone, and “The New Rules” - James M. Shwayder
  • Chapter 11. The Fetal Heart in Early Pregnancy - Edgar Hernandez-Andrade and Manasi S. Patwardhan
  • Chapter 12. Doppler Sonography in Early Pregnancy - Dev Maulik, Timothy L. Bennett, Blake Porter, Shilpa Babbar, and Devika Maulik
  • Chapter 13. Three-Dimensional Ultrasound: A Role in Early Pregnancy? - Luís F. Gonçalves
  • Chapter 14. Multiple Gestations--Multiple Headache - Jacques S. Abramowicz
  • Chapter 15. First-Trimester Ultrasound: Early Pregnancy Failure - Timothy P. Canavan and Joan M. Mastrobattista
  • Chapter 16. Ectopic Pregnancy: Pregnancy of Unknown Location (PUL) - Linda Do and James M. Shwayder
  • Chapter 17. A Consequence of Cesarean Delivery: First-Trimester Cesarean Scar Pregnancy - Ilan E. Timor-Tritsch, Ana Monteagudo, and Terri-Ann Bennett
  • Chapter 18. First-Trimester Ultrasound in Gestational Trophoblastic Disease - Katharine M. Esselen, Donald P. Goldstein, Neil S. Horowitz, and Ross S. Berkowitz
  • Chapter 19. Fetal Anomalies - Ana Monteagudo, Margaret Dziadosz, and Ilan E. Timor-Tritsch
  • Chapter 20. Invasive Procedures in the First Trimester - Mark I. Evans, Jenifer Curtis, Stephanie Andriole, and Shara M. Evans
  • Chapter 21. Sonography of Pelvic Masses Associated with Early Pregnancy - Chelsea R. Samson, Rochelle F. Andreotti, Rifat A. Wahab, Glynis Sacks, and Arthur C. Fleischer

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