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Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass


Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass

239 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2016
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  • This book provides an overview of OPCAB in Japan
  • Clearly demonstrates how unique and useful the Japanese OPCAB method is
  • Written for both residents and specialists interested in learning about the latest trend in cardiovascular surgery
Less invasive surgeries are becoming necessary because the world’s increasingly older populations are becoming viable candidates for coronary artery bypass operations.

Because of the technical difficulty, the percentage of off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery CABG is still low in the US and Europe. However, in Japan OPCAB is the standard CABG, making up more than 60% of all CABGs. In addition, the operative mortality in primary elective OPCAB is very low (less than 1% in 2010). Moreover, the trend of utilizing arterial grafts has produced excellent long-term outcomes.

This book first describes the state of the art of OPCABs performed by Japanese surgeons with the “Kaizen Mind” and explores the techniques and approaches that explain why OPCABs are such a huge success in Japan.​

Table of Contents

Part I Current Overview of OPCAB
  • Chapter 1 Evidence on Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting from Japan
  • Chapter 2 Statistics of OPCAB in Japan
  • Chapter 3 Critical appraisal of recent RCT based on CABG in Japan
Part II OPCAB procedures and management
  • Chapter 4 Indication & Safe strategy
  • Chapter 5 Approach
  • Chapter 6 Intraoperative Management and Anesthesia
  • Chapter 7 Controversy: Volume Load vs. Vasopressor
  • Chapter 8 Urgent pump conversion: When does it occur and how can we prevent it?
  • Chapter 9 Exposure
  • Chapter 10 Stabilization
  • Chapter 11 Securing the distal anastomosis site: Coronary artery occlusion, shunt and blower
  • Chapter 12 Graft planning
  • Chapter 13 Controversy: Composite Grafts versus Individual Grafts
  • Chapter 14 Harvesting: Tip and pitfalls
  • Chapter 15 Graft–coronary anastomosis in off-pump CABG
  • Chapter 16 Coronary endarterectomy & Long onlay-patch grafting
  • Chapter 17 Proximal anastomosis
  • Chapter 18 Intraoperative graft assessment OPCAB made in JAPAN
  • Chapter 19 Stroke
  • Chapter 20 Perioperative anticoagulation management in OPCAB patients
Part III Difficult situation: How do I solve this problem?
  • Chapter 21 Redo operation
  • Chapter 22 Combined surgery (TAA, AAA or cancer) Concomitant or Staged Surgeries?
  • Chapter 23 Difficult Heart
  • Chapter 24 Difficult coronary OPCAB made in Japan
  • Chapter 25 Off-pump CABG for patients with end-stage renal failure
Part IV. Teaching & Training
  • Chapter 26 How do we teach off-pump surgery to the next generation
Part V Future Perspective: what comes next?
  • Chapter 27 Hybrid approach (PCI+OPCAB, OPCAB+TAVI, OPCAB+debranching TEVER)
  • Chapter 28 Robotic Surgery
  • Chapter 29 OPCAB combined Regenerative Surgery


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