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Diagnostic Techniques in Urology


Diagnostic Techniques in Urology

187 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2015
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  • Easy to read format with emphasis on rapid assimilation of key information
  • High quality colour illustrations: Assists the reader in understanding diagnostic techniques
  • Electronic version: to appeal to those using electronic libraries, I Pads and other tablets
  • Summary tabs of key points concluding each chapter: enabling the reader to get a clear “take-home” message
  • Flow chart diagram within each chapter: illustrating the optimal diagnostic process
Urological disease affects huge numbers of patients at some point in their lives. Diagnostic techniques are critical to ensure the correct diagnosis in made in a timely manner. A huge number of new technologies have been introduced in recent years to aid in this diagnostic pathway in the form of urine tests, blood tests and imaging modalities. Both urologists and other clinicians interested in urology have struggled to keep up with the rapid evolution of these techniques.

This book would contain up to date and state of the art contributions from major names in the field. This book describes the diagnostic pathways for the key aspects of urological disease. Readers will be able to equate symptoms and signs with the relevant investigations. The book focuses on the diagnostic pathways involved, bringing together international leaders in the field who describe the current status of urological investigation. Each sign and symptom of urological disease that a patient may present with will be covered and a diagnostic algorithm produced in each disease area.

The book will initially cover the commonest neoplastic conditions of prostate cancer and bladder/renal cancer and the nuances involved in the diagnostic process for each. It will then cover the evaluation of benign disease such as stones disease, benign prostatic hyperplasia and infection. A further chapter will cover emergency urological diagnosis including both traumatic and iatrogenic aetiologies. This area is often poorly covered in standard texts and we hope that the associated flow charts for each condition will allow a far clearer understanding of the investigations required. The final section will look at the diagnosis of a range of miscellaneous urological conditions including erectile dysfunction, incontinence and prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain.

Table of Contents
  • 1. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).-
  • 2. Prostate Biopsy and Management of a Rising PSA Post Initial Biopsy.-
  • 3. Abnormal Digital Rectal Examination.-
  • 4. Imaging of the Prostate.-
  • 5. Haematuria.-
  • 6. Haematospermia.-
  • 7. Diagnostic Techniques in Male LUTS/BPE.-
  • 8. Storage Lower Urinary Tract Syndromes: Evaluation and Investigations.-
  • 9. Urinary Incontinence.-
  • 10. Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Adults.-
  • 11. Loin Pain.-
  • 12. Recurrent Stone Formation.-
  • 13. Testicular Mass and Acute Testicular Pain.-
  • 14. Penile Curvature.-
  • 15. Erectile Dysfunction.-
  • 16. OAT Syndrome.-
  • 17. Male Hypogonadism and Cryptorchidism.-
  • 18. Renal Trauma.-
  • 19. Penoscrotal Trauma.- Enterovesical Fistulae and Pneumaturia.

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