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Mechanics of Breathing


Mechanics of Breathing
New Insights from New Technologies

411 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2014
58 Abbildungen

  • Up-to-date description of new methods for measuring different aspects of the mechanics of breathing
  • Aid to understanding the mechanics of the airways, lung and chest wall
  • Description of the effects of innovative interventional techniques on respiratory function
This book offers a state-of-the-art description of the complexity of the healthy and pathological respiratory system, with particular reference to the mechanics of the airways, lung and chest wall. Detailed information is provided on new insights into the mechanics of breathing that have been obtained through technological innovations in measurement systems, cutting-edge modeling techniques and novel approaches to functional imaging of the respiratory system. It is explained how these advances permit the assessment of emerging treatment approaches, including new drugs, innovative surgical techniques and modes of mechanical ventilation and new forms of rehabilitation.

In order to ensure comprehensive coverage of the subject, the editor has assembled a multidisciplinary team of authors comprising basic scientists in respiratory medicine, chest and intensive care physicians and bioengineers involved in both modeling and instrumentation. The book is intended for intensive care physicians, respirologists, physiologists, rehabilitation specialists, basic scientists in respiration, research and clinical fellows, biomedical engineers involved with respiratory mechanics and respiratory therapists. They will update their knowledge and improve their clinical expertise.

Table of Contents

Part I Physiological and Pathophysiological Aspects of Mechanics of Breathing.-

1 The Act of Breathing.- 2 The Work of Breathing During Exercise: Implication for Performance.- 3 Pathology of COPD and asthma.- 4 Pathophysiology of Airflow Obstruction.- 5 Role of airway Smooth Muscle Mechanical Properties in the Regulation of Airway Caliber.- 6 Nitric Oxide in Asthma is like Insuline in Type II Diabetes.- 7 Static and Dynamic Hyperinflation in COPD.- 8 Lung Recruitment and Derecruitment.-

Part II Assessment of Mechanics of Breathing.-

9 Pulmonary Function Testing: an Update.- 10 Oscillatory Mechanics.- 11 Chest Wall Mechanics and Opto-Electronic Plethysmography.- 12 Regional Blood Flow by NIRS and ICG.- 13 Assessment of Dispnoea.- 14 Gas Washout Technique Functional Imaging.- 15 High Resolution CT of the Lung.- 16 Functional Imaging of Airway Distensibility.- 17 Functional MRI by Hyperpolarized helium.- 18 Dynamic MRI Imaging of the Diaphragm.- 19 PET Imaging of the Lung.-

Part III Different Treatment and Mechanics of Breathing.-

20 Pharmaceutical Treatment in COPD: an Update.- 21 Rehabilitation Strategies in COPD.- 22 Pathophysiology of COPD: Implication for Exercise and Rehabilitation.- 23 Old and New Trends in Invasive Mechanical Ventilation.- 24 Use of Respiratory Mechanics for Monitoring and Setting of Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation.- 25 Use of FOT for Optimizing Mechanical Ventilation.

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