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Atlas of Early Neoplasias in the Gastrointestinal Tract

BERR / OYAMA et al.  

Atlas of Early Neoplasias in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Endoscopic Diagnosis and Therapeutic Decisions

318 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2019
190 Abbildungen

  • Useful to both beginning gastrointestinal endoscopists and experienced interventional endoscopists
  • Features over 500 color illustrations and photographs
  • Authored by internationally renowned experts in the field
The latest edition of this text provides a comprehensive update on the current standards and newest skills in diagnostic endoscopy for pre/neoplastic lesions of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

The atlas outlines procedural requirements and strategies for detection and endoscopic staging (prediction of pT category) of small and minute early cancers, and presents endoscopic and high-resolution endosonographic criteria for submucosal invasiveness. The three major resection techniques, including risk profiles, and differential indications and contraindications for each technique are also outlined.

In addition to thoroughly revised chapters from the previous edition, the atlas features new content on submuscosal neoplasias in the GI tract, new magnifying images of early gastric neoplasias, and new endoscopic images of adenoma, dyplasia, inflammatory bowel disease, and early cancer in the duodenum and small bowel.

Written by experts in the field, Atlas of Early Neoplasias of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Endoscopic Diagnosis and Therapeutic Decisions, Second Edition is a valuable resource that will improve the diagnostic skills of endoscopists.

Table of Contents

A. General Principles of Endoscopy for Early Gastrointestinal Neoplasias
  • 1. Endoscopic Detection and Analysis of Mucosal Neoplastic Lesions: Enhanced Imaging and Tumor Morphology
  • 2. Histopathology of Early Mucosal Neoplasias: Morphologic Carcinogenesis in the GI Tract
  • 3. Principles of Endoscopic Resection: Diagnostic and Curative Resection of Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 4. Subepithlial Gastrointestinal Tumors: Diagnosis and Indications for Resection
  • 5. High-resolution Endoscopic Ultrasound: Clinical T-Staging of Superficial and Subepithelial Gastrointestinal Neoplasias
  • 6. Endoscopic Screening and Surveillance: Indications and Standards
B. Organ-specific Endoscopic Analysis of Early Neoplasias
  • 7. Squamous Cell-lined Esophagus and Hypopharynx: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 8. Columnar Epithelium-lined (Barrett´s) Esophagus: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 9. Stomach: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 10. Duodenum and Small Bowel: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 11. Colorectum: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 12. Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Remission: Mucosal Neoplasias
  • 13. Appendix: Standard Terminology

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