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Male Infertility. Contemporary Clinical Approaches, Andrology, ART and Antioxidants


Male Infertility. Contemporary Clinical Approaches, Andrology, ART and Antioxidants
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914 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2020
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  • Revised and expanded textbook, comprehensively covering all aspects of male infertility diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on the role of antioxidants
  • Utilizes a common chapter format and pedagogical elements such as key points and CME questions, as well as video clips where appropriate
  • A readily accessible, high quality reference guide for medical students, residents and professionals working in the field of male infertility and andrology
A groundbreaking contribution to the literature now in its revised and expanded second edition, this textbook offers a comprehensive review of diagnostic and treatment techniques for male infertility.

This state-of-the-art, evidence-based textbook incorporates new multidisciplinary and complementary medicine approaches to create a first-of-its-kind guide to treatment strategies for male infertility and beyond. While this new edition is primarily designed as a reference for students and residents in reproductive medicine and andrology, it will be equally useful as well for professionals in urology, reproductive endocrinology, embryology, and research fields who are interested in the role that antioxidants play in male infertility.

World-renowned experts in these areas have been selected to participate in this work. Careful selection of the highest quality content will span the whole range of topics in the area of male infertility, providing a complete review of well-established and current diagnostic and treatment techniques for male infertility. The incorporation of 20 new chapters will enhance the book’s appeal by including the most recent advances brought to the male infertility arena.

Additionally, this edition incorporates new features, including bulleted key points, review criteria and select video clips demonstrating some of the most fascinating male infertility treatment modalities. A dedicated new section on current guidelines on male infertility will enlighten readers on how to most optimally manage male infertility clinical scenarios.

Covering all aspects of diagnosis and management, ART, lifestyle factors and associated conditions for male infertility, Male Infertility: Contemporary Clinical Approaches, Andrology, ART and Antioxidants will be a readily accessible, high quality reference for medical students and residents, and will be of significant value to professionals working in the various fields treating this condition as well.

Contents Overview
  • Male Infertility Diagnosis and Management
  • Sperm Physiology and Metabolism
  • Common Conditions and Factors Affecting Male Reproductive Health
  • Nutrition, Life-Style and Antioxidants Role for Male Reproductive Health
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology in Male Fertility
  • Guidelines and Best Practices in Male Infertility and Antioxidants
  • Special Topics

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