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Crash Course Neurology and Ophthalmology.-

BALENDRA / AJMERIA et al. --- Neuerscheinung!!

Crash Course Neurology and Ophthalmology.-
For UKMLA and Medical Exams

288 Seiten, 6. Auflage, 2024
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Crash Course - your effective every-day study companion PLUS the perfect antidote for exam stress! Save time and be assured you have the essential information you need in one place to excel on your course and achieve exam success.

A winning formula now for over 25 years, having sold over 1 million copies and translated in over 8 languages, each series volume has been fine-tuned and fully updated with a full-colour layout tailored to make your life easier. Especially written by senior students or junior doctors - those who understand what is essential for exam success - with all information thoroughly checked and quality assured by expert Faculty Advisers, the result is books that exactly meet your needs and you know you can trust.

Each chapter guides you succinctly through the full range of curriculum topics in the UKMLA syllabus, integrating clinical considerations with the relevant basic science and avoiding unnecessary or confusing detail. A range of text boxes help you get to the hints, tips and key points you need fast! A fully revised self-assessment section matching the latest exam formats is included to check your understanding and aid exam preparation. The accompanying enhanced, downloadable eBook completes this invaluable learning package.

Series volumes have been honed to meet the requirements of today's medical students, although the range of other health students and professionals who need rapid access to the essentials of neurology and ophthalmology will also love the unique approach of Crash Course. Whether you need to get out of a fix or aim for a distinction Crash Course is for you!

This new series volume integrates ophthalmology into the popular neurology title, combining two interconnecting fields in one thorough overview. It serves as an invaluable revision resource for medical finals. Additionally, this new edition includes essential chapters on neurological emergencies and functional neurological disorders, along with the latest updates on neurology guidelines.
  • Fully aligned to UKMLA requirements, with key 'conditions' and 'presentations' highlighted in handy checklists - save valuable revision time and be confident you have the syllabus covered
  • Written by senior students and recent graduates - those closest to what is essential for exam success
  • Quality assured by leading Faculty Advisors - ensures complete accuracy of information
  • Features the ever popular 'Hints and Tips' boxes and other useful aide-mémoires - distilled wisdom from those in the know
  • Updated self-assessment section matching the latest exam formats - confirm your understanding and improve exam technique fast

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