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Neuropsychiatric Dysfunctions in Multiple Sclerosis


Neuropsychiatric Dysfunctions in Multiple Sclerosis

150 Seiten, 1. Auflage, 2013

This book provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the neuropsychiatric disturbances that may be experienced by patients with multiple sclerosis.

The first section is designed primarily to describe the general clinical aspects of multiple sclerosis, from epidemiology to assessment tools. The role of neuroimaging and especially MRI is then explained, and treatment approaches and rehabilitation strategies are described. The core section of the volume is the second, in which the various forms of neuropsychiatric dysfunction are considered in depth. Especially, detailed attention is devoted to depression, but the other main categories of disturbance are also described and discussed. The final section addresses cognitive dysfunctions since they represent some of the worst events that patients with multiple sclerosis can suffer and are intimately related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction.- 2 Epidemiology.- 3 Clinical Presentation.- 4 Etiopathogenesis.- 5 Neuropathology.- 6 The Diagnosis of MS.- 7 Assessments instruments.- 8 Neuroimaging in MS.- 9 Therapy of MS.- 10 Rehabilitation in MS.- 11 Mood Dyfuctions. Depression and Anxiety.- 12 Mania in MS.- 13 Mood Dysfunctions in MS and Neuroimaging.- 14 Psychosis.- 15 Euphoria, Spastic Laughing and Crying.- 16 Emotions and MS.- 17 Cognitive Dysfunctions in MS.

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