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An Evidence-Based Approach

343 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2020
58 Abbildungen

  • Provides a multidisciplinary guideline-based review of syncope
  • Contains practically applicable guidance for the management of syncope patients
  • Features summaries of relevant guidelines and commentary on differences between guidelines
This heavily revised second edition provides a comprehensive multi-disciplinary review of syncope and how to care for these patients successfully. It contains detailed descriptions of the scientific basis behind the pathophysiology of conditions that cause syncope and collapse. Pathways for optimal clinical management in line with the latest guidelines are reviewed and are accompanied by clearly defined recommendations on how to treat patients with syncope. Common procedures and tests are also discussed along with their indications, methodology, interpretation and limitations.

Syncope: An Evidence-Based Approach systematically describes the pathophysiology and latest clinical management guidelines for treating patients with syncope. It is an essential resource for a variety of medical professionals including cardiologists, emergency physicians, internists, general practitioners, geriatricians, cardiac electrophysiologists, neurologists and psychiatrists.

Table of Contents

TLOC/Collapse: Pathophysiologic and Epidemiologic Features
  • Syncope: Definition and Classification-Contrasting the American and European Guidelines
  • The Meaning of ‘Consciousness’ in Syncope and Related Disorders
  • Prognosis of Syncope Across the Diagnostic Spectrum
  • The Economic Impact of Syncope: Direct and Indirect Costs
Basic Clinical Features
  • Determining the Cause of TLOC/Collapse: The Initial Evaluation
  • Seizures vs Syncope: Distinguishing Features for the Clinic
  • Reflex Syncope: The Common and Less Common Variants
  • Orthostatic Hypotension Variants, POTS, and Less Well-Defined Autonomic Dysfunction
  • Bradycardias and Tachycardias: Acquired and Inheritable
  • Differential Diagnosis of Autonomic Disturbances and Recognition by History and Physical Findings
  • Psychogenic Pseudosyncope and Pseudoseizure: Approach and Treatment
Selected Testing: When and How
  • Role of Head and Cardiac Imaging, and Cardiac Stress Testing for Syncope
  • The Autonomic Laboratory for Evaluating Syncope/Collapse: Investigations and Their Implications
  • Utility of Video-EEG for Diagnosing and Understanding Transient Loss of Consciousness
Treatment Considerations
  • Indications for Pacing in Patients With Unexplained Syncope and Bifascicular Block
  • Unexplained Syncope in Patients with High Risk of Sudden Death
  • Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Therapies in Vasovagal Syncope: Current Status
  • Update on Cardiac Pacing in Reflex Syncope
  • Ictal Asystole: Relation to Reflex Syncope and Role of Cardiac Pacing
  • Cardioneuroablation for Cardioinhibitory Vasovagal Syncope
  • Driving and Flying: US and European Recommendations

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