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Neonatal Pain.


Neonatal Pain.
Suffering, Pain, and Risk of Brain Damage in the Fetus+Newborn

256 Seiten, 2. Auflage, 2017
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  • Overcome fetal pain to prevent risky brain consequences later in life
  • Learn to assess pain in neonates and to overcome it with easy validated tools
  • Read directly from the most prominent experts in the field the more recent news on fetal and neonatal pain
This completely revised and updated edition offers a comprehensive overview of neonatal pain assessment and treatment. It includes the field of fetal surgery, and many other topics have been updated or added, such as circumcision analgesia, new drugs, new insights into neurophysiologic pathways of neonatal pain and new drawbacks of analgesic drugs. While in the early years of the 21st century pain treatment in neonates was still optional, it is now a tenet, and more and more institutions are looking for inspiration and good references to create their own guidelines.

Written by leading researchers in the field, this book provides that inspiration and offers a valuable tool for neonatologists, anesthetists, nurses and physiotherapists. Since it also deals with prenatal and postnatal surgery, it also appeals to surgeons.

Table of Contents
  • Gender Differences in Pain Since Birth
    Aloisi, Anna Maria (et al.)
  • Stress and Pregnancy: CRH as Biochemical Marker
    Vannuccini, Silvia (et al.)
  • Pain Control During Labour
    Benedetto, Chiara (et al.)
  • Fetal Stress: Ultrasound Study of Fetal Behavior
    Bocchi, Caterina (et al.)
  • Prenatal Affective Exchanges and Their Subsequent Effects in Postnatal Life
    Dolto, Catherine
  • Foetal Pain
    Noia, G. (et al.)
  • Analgesia During Fetal Surgery
    Pelizzo, Gloria
  • New Insights into Prenatal Stress: Immediate- and Long-Term Effects on the Fetus and Their Timing
    O’Donnell, Kieran J. (et al.)
  • Understanding Infant Pain Responding Within a Relational Context
    Waxman, Jordana (et al.)
  • Detecting Acute Pain is Enough: The Conundrum of Pain Assessment
    Bellieni, C. V. (et al.)
  • Analgesic Procedures in Newborns
    Giuntini, Laura (et al.)
  • Nonpharmacological Treatment of Neonatal Pain
    Carbajal, R.
  • Sensorial Saturation and the 3Ts Rule
    Bellieni, C. V. (et al.)
  • Surgical Use of Analgesic Drugs
    Guadagni, A. M. (et al.)
  • Physical Risk Agents in Incubators
    Sisto, Renata
  • Neonatal Stressors
    Delivoria-Papadopoulos, M. (et al.)
  • New Insights into Neonatal Hypersensitivity
    Woodbury, C. J.
  • From the Gate-Control Theory to Brain Programs for Neonatal Pain
    Anand, Kanwaljeet J. S.
  • Long-Term Consequences of Pain and Stress in Neonates
    Doheny, Kim Kopenhaver
  • Disclosure of Pathology to the Newborn’s Family
    Arosio, P.
  • Pain and Grief in the Experience of Parents of Children with a Congenital Malformation
    Memo, Luigi (et al.)
  • Invest in Prenatal Life: A High-Yield Stock
    Enrichi, M.

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